Pearly Penile Papules Treatment

Pearly penile papules is also known as hirsuties papillaris genitalis. A person suffering from this disease may have tiny skin colored bumps on the head of the penis. They bumps usually occur in rows. They do not pop, open or seep. They may cause some discomfort like irritation and unpleasant sensation.

This condition is not serious and does not spread sexually. It is usually seen among men between the age group of 20-30. As they age the bumps decrease or fade. Pearly penile papules is common in men who have circumcised than those who are not. The cause of this condition is not very clear.

pearly penile papules

There is no need to feel worried about the disease because pearly penile papules is not a serious condition. However, you can still have it checked by your doctor. Many people feel that it is a sexually transmitted disease which is not true. The cause for this disease has not yet been found until today.

It also has no relationship to sexual activity or your personal hygiene. Sometimes you may also have a yellowish white discharge that could be due to a clogged gland or a sebaceous cyst. If you experience this get it checked by your doctor. Do not pick the bumps because it can make the pearly penile papules infected. The problem will normally take care of itself over a period of a year or two, but luckily there are some treatments that can offer a shorter term solution.

You will see pearly penile papules treatment options below. When you have some white bumps or papules around the corona or the glans of your penis, doesn’t it make you feel less of a man? Do you feel that your sexual partner, upon noticing them, become a little anxious about it, a manifestation of sexually transmitted diseases?

Or do you simply lose your sexual appetite in the same way your self-confidence is just because those papules make you feel infectious? Well, you need to cut the drama for yourself as these pearly penile papules are nothing but a normal variant, and not merely causing or possible of transmitting any STDs.

Those pearly penile papules or “hirsuties papillaris genitalis” are simply a counterpart of a wart or a mole and none of those dreaded human papilloma virus especially those of the condylomata genus. And, what’s good about this condition is it’s easily treatable. But don’t be fooled by treatments that promise you results without the proper knowledge to back them up.

pearly penile papules treatment

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Freezing is one of the treatments often heard when a doctor is asked about any treatment for these pearly penile papules, but in as much as this treatment is fairly effective for warts and blisters, this doesn’t and will never work for these papules.

Most of the guys who have resorted into this one ended up with dark marks on the area where the papules were. Some even said that the treatment caused some areas of their corona to dry out forming cracks. And, of course, the pain of the treatment was simply unbearable.

Forces of Nature

Another treatment that’s simply out in the market is “Forces of Nature”, a product that plainly claimed its effectiveness to remove this condition. But if you’re the type who’d want to check the background of your prospect products, then, you’ll simply figure out that this product is not for you.

The real deal about this product is that its active components are specialized to treat warts and HPV only, and not those pearly papules. As a matter of fact, no one has given any testimonial as to how effective this product is. Not even research could justify this product.

Carbon Dioxide Laser Treatment

Qualified dermatologists, on the other hand, only recommend carbon dioxide laser treatment, and the treatment is befitting to be called as the treatment for this condition. While other treatments promise you this and that, they’ve forgotten to mention that they bring pain, inflammation, scarring, swelling, and even numbness.

Apparently, carbon dioxide laser treatment is proven safe and effective, and you don’t need to worry about any drawback or any side effect with this one. People satisfied with this treatment have already made their statements. You can check on them at

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So if you’re tired of seeing those papules on your penis; tired of how it embarrasses you during your intimate moments, and tired of feeling infectious, you now know how to deal with them in the most effective means possible. And if you’re still in doubt, ask your dermatologist today. Hope you enjoy pearly penile papules treatment article here.

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Pearly Penile Papules Removal